Refer And Get Rewarded

Refer customers to Payzli and automatically create a new revenue stream for yourself with no investment. We’ll take care of the rest. Once you see success, we help you build your business to earn more and take charge of your merchant experience.


How It Works

Easily earn passive income deal-after-deal by helping businesses enjoy better service, more savings and greater value from their payment processor.


Your Mission

Your mission is to add value and help businesses grow. You will be making an impact by upgrading merchant payment processing with tailor-made services, latest and greatest equipment, smart useful integrations and a user experience that is both intelligent and intuitive. You will do so by introducing Payzli as an end-to-end payment technology partner to business owners you know or new connections you make.


What You Need To Do

Refer businesses by filling a simple form. Introduce us to your contact via a warm email. Earn a lucrative, upfront bonus every time a merchant is onboarded. Don’t worry, we handle the entire process. You just refer and relax.


How You Get Paid

The more you refer, the more you earn. You receive $200 as a flat referral fee, every time a business signs up. After 10 active merchants, you start to get a percentage of revenue as monthly passive income.

Why Your Referral Should Use Payzli

  • Instant fraud detection

  • Real-time chargeback rebuttals

  • Contactless and on-the-go payments

  • Funds deposited the next day, every day

  • $0 fees for set up or processing credit cards

  • Custom website & apps to run your business

  • Price guarantee with lowest rates in the industry

  • Single point of integration for all payment needs

  • 24/7 live human support & direct access to local agent

Success Stories

Keyur Patel

I have worked with Naim and the Payzli team referring businesses to them for many years and hands down they are the best payment company I have ever come in contact with. They are honest and upfront with me and everyone I refer to them. It’s a great way to create passive income. I open the door, they do the rest, and we all benefit. Thank you, Payzli!

- Keyur Patel
Shoe Mountain

I have done business with Payzli for more than 10 years and have referred many customers to them. They never disappoint and always make me look really good with everyone I refer them. They are prompt with their response and are very attentive with every referral, big or small. I never think twice when referring Payzli, they have been a great ally and a trusted source for credit card processing. I highly recommend Payzli.

- Shoe Mountain

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Gain new skills in the payment industry. Earn monthly compounding passive income.

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